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The Battersby Duo is a musical comedy Team for young children. In 2010 they were nominated for a GRAMMY for their CD Sunny Days. At a recent concert, Minivan Blues said, “You can understand why The BatDuo performed at The White House 6 times. They’re that good. These Grammy Nominees are dynamo. Kids music is going places.” In 2013 they won The Totally Awesome Awards, and the Creative Child Preferred Choice Award, and released their 9th album, called Hide and Seek, that has “both folk and classic rock elements at times reminding this reporter a little of Pink Floyd! It is very obvious that they are veteran songwriters that have been making great music for a very long time who have a wide variety of influences. The quality of the recording is excellent. Everything sounds smooth and the layers in the mix are perfectly balanced along with the great vocals.” The Times

The Battersby Duo first broke onto the Children's music scene in 1983. Their backgrounds in English Literature, Early Childhood Development, Sociology and Philosophy helped them with ideas for writing songs for children that nurtured and helped young minds in the building block stages of their development. By 1989 the Battersby Duo were the hosts of Kids Place, the Emmy award winning TV show, then made guest appearances on Sesame Street and The Today Show on NBC. Fred Rogers of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood said of his friends "We will remember with pleasure that The Battersby's are a part of our neighborhood." 1992 heralded the dawn of classic BatDuo music with the release of "A Tail of Too Sillies." and songs like "I'm a Germ" "Pat your Hands," and "Elephant's Toenails" became classics with families around the USA.

The American Library Association called The Duo "A Banquet of Silliness designed to please the most refined of Juvenile Palates."

“A Top Notch Duo” SESAME STREET. “Kids Go Bananas for “The Battersby Duo” THE TAMPA TRIBUNE. Hip Folk-Rock for Kids. WASHINGTON POST

The Battersby Duo has performed 6 times for The President and First Lady at numerous White House functions. They also performed at fundraisers, including the now historic "Our Children our Future" rally of 1993/4. They have appeared on PBS, CBS, ABC, UPN, Fox and NBC, influencing millions of Children over the past 3 decades with their wacky wisdom and innovative music.
The Battersby Duo is endorsed by Taylor Guitars and in 2010 they celebrated their very first GRAMMY nomination for Sunny Days.


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