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Location Agoura Hills, CA


5126 Clareton Dr Ste 140 Agoura Hills CA 91301 United States
PHONE 818.728.8700 FAX 818.707.7126


Member since: 06/26/2011


BandMerch - Artist Advocates

BandMerch was founded as a family company, dedicated to creating, producing, and distributing high quality merchandise to fans.
BandMerch prides itself on its reputation for superior artwork, product quality, client service, attention to detail, and integrity.
BandMerch is a company made up of true fans who are dedicated to working hard for the bands, entertainers, and brands they love.

BandMerch - Global Distribution:

With offices positioned worldwide to best serve its clients and their fans, BandMerch has global reach in all major channels of distribution.
Worldwide Touring

BandMerch caters its touring services to fit the needs of the client and the venue, with the capacity to manage the full merchandise operation at clubs, arenas, sheds, stadiums, and festivals.
BandMerch connects with fans at every event, aiming for the best customer experience possible.
Clean, attractive, and crowd-drawing displays are a top priority as they maximize sales efficiency and reflect positively on the artist.
BandMerch performs acute analysis of daily revenues by calculating accurate projections while recognizing specialized market trends.
Exceptional detail management maximizes sales while minimizing wasteful expenses by ensuring product is always available and shipped as economically as possible.
BandMerch maintains strong relationships and access to valuable resources worldwide, including professional road staff with years of experience.