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Austin is a songwriter/producer from northeastern Pennsylvania. A lifelong musician, Austin went to the Berklee College of Music in Boston, there he began working on several songs that would make up his first EP "Dreaming at the End of the Universe". After graduating he moved back to Pennsylvania and started working on his first full album "The Path Ahead" which is a meditation of loss, sorrow, and also optimism and joy. It was a difficult process, as he did everything on the album, from the performances to the artwork. Taking cues from artists like Bon Iver, Radiohead, Neil Young, and Father John Misty, Austin pulled together all of his influences and added his own voice to the songs that make up "The Path Ahead". He now resides in New York City, working on his follow up album and playing the indie circuit.

Indie solo artist/writer/producer
Name of Album: The Path Ahead

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Goal: To have my Music/Album heard and appreciated worldwide!!

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June 02, 2018
Justyn Brodsky

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

A lot of artists nowadays tend to put their music out impulsively or recklessly. Usually because of ulterior motives, lack of ambition, or just trying to make a quick buck.

But then there are true artists that enter the studio bound and determined to compose, create, and produce something that is captivating, intelligently crafted, and magically multifaceted. Austin Colon‘s LP The Path Ahead is one of those rare cases.

It’s true, this is a rare gem in this era of fame-hunger and impulsivity. A diamond in the rough, but shines brighter than anything you’ve seen or heard in a long time. The Path Ahead isn’t just an album you hear, it’s an album you feel.

With brilliantly produced tracks that offer up some very dynamic twists and turns, this acoustic-infused Alt/Rock record with a folky feel-good vibe has a vast array of different styles and versatile elements that’ll keep you hooked on every song. Austin‘s range is very fine-tuned and crisp with his vocal delivery, and makes very good use of both lyrical content and the melodies that bring him to the forefront.

Austin definitely had one priority straight — catchy choruses. Each track has a chorus that really uplifts the verses and keeps the flow of every track very effective. With very subtle and ambient piano tracks adding to the overall texture and progression of each song, Austin‘s musicianship factors are showcased very powerfully throughout this entire album, and really gets you to feel the vibe and aura that The Path Ahead brings to the atmosphere.

With a Bob Dylan-like influential vocal execution, we get a great glimpse into Austin‘s authenticity and natural-born talent that emulates from each track. Another key element about this album as a whole is transition; each song flows to the next in a way that reminds you of reading chapters from a book. It tells a story from many angles, hear a very distinctive narrative, but also get a taste of something different in every chapter. In a way, The Path Ahead is more than just an album, it’s a musical masterpiece of literature.

Just like Pearl Jam’s Ten, Incubus’s S.C.I.E.N.C.E., Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon, and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Californication, Austin Colon‘s The Path Ahead is an album where you never skip over one track, and you can always come back to it and fall in love with these songs all over again. They never get old, and never lose its impact.

If you just discovered The Path Ahead from this article, you’ll be very happy that you did. You can thank us later.

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Stereo Stickman

May 31, 2018
Chad Earnest

Austin Colon’s album The Path Ahead starts with the Track Alone (Again?) in an unsuspecting, approachable way. Not far behind a small intro, you hear Austin’s first lyrics. A warm, welcoming, almost Phil Collins feel to the cadence, with a bright but soulful undertone. Soon though, you realize the album will be a force to be reckoned with, as the back half of the first track holds tightly onto a sublime and gnarly blues solo. An early indicator that this album is not for the faint of heart.

Alone (Again?) beautifully transitions into the technical and trippy blend of acoustics and electronics with Perfect Moments. A beautifully melancholic song that almost oscillates around you with its dizzying arrangement of ephemeral ennui, Perfect Moments is a beautiful fireworks display of heartache for the ears.

Winding down into 10 (a Poem), a simple and devastatingly well performed piece of standalone piano and vocality, the album lulls a bit, giving you time to breathe but never ceasing to amaze. The cryptic and poetic composition point to a song that’s deeply personal, and the passionate conviction of every lyric bleeds into your brain, singing lying down together / I see you then / the time will bend / the pain will end.

Little Pieces hits you. Hard. It’s a hard song to think about, it’s a hard song to write about. It’s a masterpiece. After spending half an album displaying every round of technical mastery in instrumentation and composure, Colon builds a piece entirely of refrain. Placing lyrical weight into the darkness of negative space and emerging with an absolute and unspeakably heart-wrenching gift. I can’t say much more, I wouldn’t dare spoil the track, it deserves to be heard first. More importantly, you owe it to yourself to hear it first.

Perspective, a short instrumental track, once again demonstrates the technical abilities of Colon, as well as providing a cathartic respite, seguing nicely between the sadness of Little Pieces and the resentment of Silence is Dangerous.

Silence is Dangerous, a more political offering, tells the story of America through its youth. A young black body lies on the ground, a crimson halo ‘round his head – the violence, in turn, being covered up and ignored by the media. The second verse alludes to a young girl being sent away to a straight camp, her feelings of love discounted and scorned by her family. The song is well spoken and a necessary piece for any artist’s repertoire, as the ability to discuss things other than the self is becoming increasingly relevant in today’s atmosphere.

Fall Back into Place, a bluesy offering, feels like a grown-up Jonny Lang hit with the smooth aftertaste of a John Mayer backing track. A sweet and sorrowful tale of loving someone more than you love yourself, and the heartbreaking ability to know how that’s going to end. Fall Back into Place is ripe for the picking by any radio station – it’s instantly relatable, immediately recognizable, and still infinitely Colon’s own.

I See Right Through Myself, an ethereal track of self-reflection, provides the perfect moment of denouement for the album. An even keel and calm piece of art, the song reads like a looking glass mosaic, gleaming beautiful and brilliant pieces of yourself back at you in a truly different light. The song is immediately followed by Anagnorosis, a bright and airy, almost Celtic offering, that dances along through the metamorphosis of change and the promise it brings.

Love, Frail, is an abstract piece of brilliance. Short but pointed, the lyrics are free form and associative. The sound incorporates elements of everyday confusion and white noise, as well as instrumentation to produce a unique and rewarding sound that perfectly preambles the title track.

The Path Ahead is a hopeful and bright, though slightly melancholic offering. It rings with a piano and vocal timbre reminiscent of an old Chicago hit. A stunning piece of an eclectic whole, the title track is but one facet of the brilliance of the album itself. A perfect offering for the rainy days and long nights, The Path Ahead is destined to age brilliantly as the album you come back to time and time again just to feel something.

Download the album via Bandcamp. Find & follow Austin Colon on Twitter & Reverbnation.

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