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Location Mesa, AZ


No listed address Mesa AZ 85205 United States
PHONE 480.898.9904


Member since: 06/26/2011
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jalipaz nelson


owner / engineer 480-898-9904


audioconfusion has provided recording for many of phoenix's finest bands.

here is a listing (in no particular order) of as many as i could think of.

underwater getdown, hash knife outfit, andrew jackson jihad, jjcnv, haunted cologne, peachcake, shortstack lightning, byow, casket life, lisa savidge, the necronauts, daryl scariot, stitch hopless and the sea legs, creepsville 666, uggamugga, tremulants, cardiac party, kirkwood dellinger, hands on fire, malakai, the premiere, space tourist, flail, 80d, asleep in the sea, the hunger artists, hello the mind control, fossil arm, former friends of young americans, waytansea point, haymarket squares, garys agenda, dry river yacht club, attack of the giant squid, heros for ghosts, stellaluna