Atomic Thrillride

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Rock, Punk, Desert rock, Metal


Lexington KY United States

Sounds Like

Clutch, Queens of the Stone Age, Led Zeppelin

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Member since: 06/11/2012 Year Founded: 2011


Mail alt 16x12 Scott Brothers
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Scott Brothers


Performer 859.319.4400


  • Original material: 01 hrs : 15 min
  • Cover material: 00 hrs : 30 min
  • CDs released: 0
  • CDs sold: 0
  • Original Songs:
  • Average Draw: 125
  • Largest crowd: 150
  • Have sound: Full PA


Atomic Thrillride is an all original three piece rock band from central Ky. All three members have quite a bit of experience in the music field with being in other bands, as well as music production. The band as of june 2012 is currently recording their debut cd "Chain Reaction" to be released in August on itunes, Amazon, cdbaby, and elsewhere..

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