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Location Oakland, CA


4114 Linden St Oakland CA 94608 United States
PHONE 510.655.1283


Member since: 06/26/2011


Artichoke Productions was founded in 1981 by Paul Kalbach. Previous to this, he had established a reputation in the San Francisco Bay Area as a visual artist and "New Music" composer, with exhibitions, installations, and performances including the De Young Museum, California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco Museum of Art, University Art Museum, Berkeley Art Center, KPFA Pacifica Radio, New York Avant Garde Festival, among others. He received his MFA, MA, and BA Degrees from The University of California, Berkeley, and was recipient of The Eisner Prize in the Creative Arts.

Kalbach began to combine his artwork and music through the use of animated film in 1971, which led him to evolve into a film & video company as a director / cameraman / Steadicam operator / editor / visual & sound artist. He has extensive experience in all levels and genres of production, including feature films, documentaries in Russia, China, and the Philippines, music videos, commercials, and corporate video.

Masako "became an Artichoke" when she and Paul got married in 1998. In addition to being our Stage & Production Manager, she is a highly creative filmaker, a World-Class Gourmet Chef and a Certified Massage Therapist. She graduated from Mills College with a double major in International Relations and French, and studied 3-D Animation at San Francisco State's Multimedia Studies Program.

A lot of people ask, "Why Artichoke? Where did that come from?" Well, being artists, we like Arty things, and Artificial Productions doesn't quite cut it. Also, we like artichokes; they're multifaceted entities with a heart.