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Guitarist, singer/songwriter Miguel Reategui was born in Lima, Peru. At the age of 14, his friend Eduardo Moya gave him the album "World Wide Live Tour" by The Scorpions. That's when music became his life's passion. Although, his parents never wanted him to be in the music business, nothing stopped him from pursuing his dream.
At age 15, he started jamming with different local bands. He started writing original songs in Spanish . At the age of 16, Miguel auditioned for a band whose average age was 40. Seeing Miguel was very serious about music, the band welcomed him.
In many ways, music became a sanctuary for him. He was a fan of Rock & Roll and Pop music. Miguel did his first show and performed with a local band at "El Campo de Marte" in Lima, Peru. In 1989, Miguel graduated from high school and worked different jobs while continuing to follow his dream of a professional music career. Miguel pursued his music, working as a session musician for Glem, a local singer, and in 1994 he helped him to record his first album at "Amigos" Studios.
In 1995, Miguel formed the band Ficcion. Playing original music, the band performed in many local bars and clubs. In early 2001, Miguel started a new project called ARLEKIN with some musicians in Peru, but destiny brought him to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There he started performing in jam sessions around the area. In 2004, he met the band “The Messengers”, a local classic rock band and started jamming with them. Miguel returned to his love of composing and started writing songs again. This time in English. Immersing himself in the local music scene, he met songwriter Derek Oliver and they formed a musical partnership. Miguel has been involved with other musical projects with various people around the area.
In 2010, he began recording his debut album at Darkside Studios with Dave Crissi Jr. and in April 2011 he released the self-titled CD "ARLEKIN".

Miguel Arlekin Guitar & Vocals

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