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Alternative, Punk, Garage rock, Grunge Rock, Pop-Punk (similar to Blink 182) More...


Baltimore MD United States

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Blink 182, Sum 41,The Descendents, etc.

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Member since: 12/10/2013 Year Founded: 2011


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Derek Martin


Bass Guitarist/ Song Writer 410.247.0607


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We are Appoxy, a pop-punk style band from Baltimore, MD. Our band consists of three members at the moment: Derek Martin (Bass), Nick Davis (Lead Guitar and Vocals) and Tyler Landis (Drums/Percussion). We are looking for a fourth member to play rhythm guitar and maybe provide some back-up vocals, but the band is fairing pretty well without one. Although at first glance, we appear to be just like any other pop-punk band out there, it's our diverse taste in music that sets us apart.

Our bassist is a big fan of reggae and traditional punk. He tries to incorporate reggae-like scales wherever he can, but he isn't afraid to go the punk route to keep up with each songs needs. Our lead guitarist/vocalist is more of a fan of pop-punk and alternative music, and this is shown through his vocal style and choice of guitar chords. Finally, our drummer: Tyler. Tyler has an odd taste in music, ranging from metal-core bands like Bring Me the Horizon, to classic rock bands such as Rush. His varied musical background leads him to create some very interesting and all-together awesome drum beats.

Overall, the point we try to make is that we're not like everyone else- we try to be unique, while still holding on to our inspiration from bands like Blink 182, Nirvana, Sum 41, Green Day, The Descendents, etc. We are a band with a vast and varied musical tastes, and we assure you it will shine through in our music.

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