Andrea Powell

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Member since: 06/26/2018 Year Founded: 2016


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Andrea Powell

Iron City



  • Original material: 06 hrs : 30 min
  • Average Draw: 150
  • Largest crowd: 400
  • Have sound: Full PA
  • Original Songs: 25
  • CDs released: 2
  • CDs sold: 1500
  • Digital songs sold: 2372


For Andrea, it all began in her small hometown, Iron City, Georgia. Growing up in the isolated town, there weren’t many avenues to explore. However, what the singer-songwriter/musician did discover was that singing had come natural. She grew up in a home where her entire family were naturally born singers and musicians. Being the youngest of the family, the musical torch would undeniably be passed down to the young singer. As a small child, her older sisters and brother formed a gospel group known as “Angels of Harmony” and after one of the group members couldn’t make a show, they plugged Andrea in the spot. At the age of 12, she could effortlessly sing any key in a four harmonized background. She was also lead singer. After the group diverged to separate paths, Andrea discovered her true voice. She fabricated her own lane and became a solo artist. Soon there would be speculation as to who this small town girl was that took social media platforms by surprise. In June 2017, Andrea released her first single “Never Leave Me” that instantly grabbed the attention of her generation and the track landed on both commercial and non-commercial radio rotations. In December 2017, the debut single landed in the Top 10 for Gospel/Christian and Charted Top 2 for Local Gospel/Christian artists on ReverbNation. On SoundCloud, “Never Leave Me” clutched over 3K plays in a two months and over 100K plays in over one year. The song was released to digital distributors and gained online attention snatching over 5K views on YouTube within the first 3 months. The artist sings for freedom and those in underserved communities as her own. You can hear more about the lifestyle in the cutting lyricism she portrays in her music. It is quite frank that Andrea is not another singer, but a rare artist.

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