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Crunk, Rap, Hip Hop, EDM Metal core, New Age, Singer songwriter, Horrorcore, House, Drum and Bass, Pop, Industrial, Instrumentals, Synthpop, Techno, Electro, Electronic, CrunkCore More...


Lansdale PA United States

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Brokencyde Dot Dot curve Blood on the DanceFloor

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Member since: 02/07/2015 Year Founded: 2013


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Andrew Smith




  • Original material: 02 hrs : 45 min
  • Cover material: 00 hrs : 15 min
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  • Original Songs: 55
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I'm Andrew Smith a.k.a Anarchy Andy i started making music around the age of 13 due to my uncle being a DJ i was inspired to make electronica tho i didn't know at all what i was doing i kept trying! Eventually i heard the artist Cody Reckless which inspired me to rap and sing then i heard the infamous Brokencyde and started working on crunkcore because i could not find a dedicated band! I am now 16 in a group for crunk/crunkcore artist called southern crunk nation which is great i love it and i constantly am making music i let out my first album NightMares & Freaks tho not my best it was my first i am soon letting out a much better MixTape "SmityWhitePaPa Spidermonkey" featuring many artists

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