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Soul, Jazz, Adult contemporary, Pop Singer songwriter, R&B More...


New York City NY United States

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The humor and elegance of Ray Charles paired with the rawness of Janis Joplin



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Member since: 07/16/2012 Year Founded: 2009


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Amy Lynn

New York



  • Original material: 01 hrs : 15 min
  • Cover material: 02 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 2
  • CDs sold: 200
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  • Average Draw: 75
  • Largest crowd: 200
  • Have sound: Partial PA


The vocal gymnastics Amy Lynn Zanetto can pull off in a mini-dress and stilettos would have Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, and Mariah Carey on their feet by curtain call. As each of these women has done before her, Amy Lynn brings her own unique flair to the diva tradition, adding a quirky, down-to-earth humor to her front woman role that lands Amy Lynn and Gunshow in a league of their own. The Gunshow, lead by lovebirds, Amy & Alex, has a 60's pop and soul sound marked by powerhouse singers and infectious horn licks as especially fertile ground on which to showcase their combined talents. Together and apart they have played all around the world gracing the stage with Duffy, St. Vincent, Lucy Woodward, Yo La Tengo, Spoon, The Radio City Orchestra and many more. Just recently Amy & Alex's song "Missing You" was on the WB networks show "Big Easy Brides". They have been played on radio stations throughout the US, Canada, and Japan. Given the Gunshow's standout showmanship and feel-good energy, it's no wonder that their performances at NYC's top venues, including Joe's Pub, Highline Ballroom, The Mercury Lounge, The Bitter End, and The Bell House, have met with glowing reviews. Better stay tuned: they'll soon be tearing up a stage near you.

Throw the Dice and Play Nice Blog

August 01, 2012
Kira Grunenberg

Interestingly enough, Amy Lynn herself was the first person I had the pleasure to get acquainted with after walking in the door yesterday and it couldn't have been a nicer exchange. To get the basics down for those out there who have never heard of the Gunshow before, let's paint you an addictive aural picture:

On the other hand, let's just start with the band's actual tagline, shall we?

"The humor and elegance of Ray Charles, with the rawness of Janis Joplin."

Intrigued yet? Let's keep this going....

You know how a typical rock band setup is somewhere around the figure of five people? Singer, guitarist, bassist, drummer and either 2nd guitarist or some extraneous instrument, possibly keys? The Gunshow has a cohesive group of 10 members. Destroying the average arrangement, just the fact that there are two saxes and a trumpet as regular players in the band gives reason for pause. This crew is not afraid to be different and be loud!

Furthermore, when I say loud, I don't just mean "If we play a couple of notes loudly, we'll be good." Thanks to Mr. Hamlin's arranging skill, there isn't a plain rhythm to be heard when these guys play. There are intricate and complementary orchestrations at work behind Amy Lynn's powerful and versatile voice. One moment she can belt out notes to the power level of Aretha Franklin and the next, one can hear just the slightest peaking out of a steady but more delicate twang that turns heads because it sounds like, for a single moment, the late Amy Winehouse had to have jumped in the mix. Top it all off with lyrics that resonate a touch of sass reminiscent of the 70s black pop era, while the roar from part of what could be any big band's horn section blasts out laser focused tones, and ladies and gentlemen, this Gunshow does not play it safe.

What's so interesting to take note of, is that although none of the current trends, from a dubstep remix to booming guitar reverb, are nearby, the Gunshow do still manage to channel some traces of the ever-trendy and current Adele. Don't be mislead through: this band is not about simply jumping on the old school gravy train. When I asked Amy Lynn and Alex about what the band's objectives are when it comes to influences and their non-mainstream music, it was definitely about 'innovating and not just imitating.'

To start you off though, listen to their newest single, "Clearly It's Me." In my own opinion, this song is vibrant, unapologetic and perfectly smooth in its delivery. Each person in this group has great chemistry with the others. (And you know you've got a good engineer when the backup singers are right there with the lead!)

Chicks With Guns Magazine

October 06, 2009
Heather Wysocki

Mix up some gimlets and light up an unfiltered Lucky Strike, ‘cause it’s time for the all-out vintage sounds of Amy Lynn and the Gunshow.
Entirely eschewing modern influences in favor of honoring the Motown and gospel greats that came before her, Amy Lynn Zanetto and her nine-piece-and-sometimes-more band create music for another era, but do it with panache and expertise.

Chock-full of the sort of music Diana Ross perfected and many, many others have imitated, the group’s self-titled, four-song EP is an unexpected hit of ‘60s sass, the perfect mix of gunpowder and girlishness to at once honor Ross and one-up her.

From the time the first saxophone bleats to the moment the last cymbal chimes, Zanetto’s powerhouse voice – a clichéd way to express it, sure, but completely apropos here, as this gal is sure to empower anybody who comes within 10 feet of a stereo blasting her tunes – takes over. Her gospel is good, her soul stylings great, a take on the classics far and away better than those of the schlubs on American Idol (and thankfully, there’s no “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” here).

What is here is a tiny glimpse at the wealth of talent Zanetto and her band have. Whether channeling Ross in “Missing You” or trading her Supremes-like backup singers for a solo escapade à la Ella Fitzgerald in the fabulous and sexy “Comfort,” those pipes mixed with the expert composition courtesy of writing partner make four songs just not sufficient.
Zanetto’s singing chops – she’s performed with the USO Troupe, made like Rizzo in the musical version of Grease, and entertained thousands of badly dressed tourists in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular – bode well for the success of a full-length album.

Listening to Zanetto, backed by her shot-through-the-heart-and-lived-through-it good Gunshow, it’s impossible not to smile, or at least look at things through rosy-tinged glasses. It might be unclear whether she’s singing dazedly to a boyfriend or to another long-haired dude (you know, Jesus), but it’s obvious that every word is sung with a smile.

It’s easy to overlook what’s behind the peppy words and gorgeous voice, but don’t. Led by arranger and co-writer Alex Hamlin, who also takes a place behind the sax, the nine members of the Gunshow include another sax, a trumpet, drums, and keyboards, plus the three “black-up” singers. Though it’s a big number, especially when even more session players join in, they’re all indispensable to the sound of this disc.

Like Cherry Poppin’ Daddies and the Brian Setzer Orchestra before them, Amy Lynn & the Gunshow worship the days of Mad Men and all the glamour they entailed. She might not keep up on the Kardashians or give a damn what “Speidi” is, but Zanetto’s got the musical sophistication to leave all that in the dust, anyway.

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