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Location Sugar Hill, GA


5885 Cumming Hwy Suite 108-98 Sugar Hill GA 30518 United States
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Member since: 10/10/2012 Year Founded: 2009


Amptweaker is a company started by James Brown as a result of longing to get back to working directly with artists and consumers to build what they wanted. Who is James?

I’m an amp design engineer and since 1986 I’ve been designing guitar amps–first for Peavey® and then as Chief Engineer for Kustom® Amps. Usually there’s a team of people involved.....industrial designers who design the looks, mechanical engineers who design the package, engineers who design the circuit boards and usually a manager, owner, or artist who decides a lot of the details.

My specialty is tweaking. I’ve been good at coming up with ideas, but my main contribution in every case was really fine-tuning the sound–especially how the amp or pedal distorts. Over the years I've worked with many artists including heading up the 5150 amplifier designs with Eddie Van Halen, helping design the Classic 50, 30, and Triple XXX amplifiers, and working with Joe Satriani on his JSX amp. I also designed the 36 and 72 Coupe amps at Kustom, as well as the Defender series and Double Cross, before leaving to start Amptweaker.

One of the coolest things the internet gave us is the ability to connect directly with each other through forums, emails, and social networking sites. But for some reason most large amplifier corporations continue to try to guess what consumers will buy or they simply use the internet to market their ideas to you.

Instead of guessing what products might be successful, my plan is to get ideas directly from you. So if you put your pedal or amplifier ideas in my suggestion box, together we’ll change how products are developed.