A Million Pardons

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Indie, Adult contemporary, Folk and Traditional, Singer songwriter


Lincoln NE United States

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Of Monsters and Men, The Decemberists

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Member since: 03/23/2013 Year Founded: 2013


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Nate Olson


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A Million Pardons - A musical project that combines many different elements such as guitar, violin, cello, trumpets, drums, and harmonica. A Million Pardons has one album called "Best Laid Plans."

This album is a collection of songs written by Nathan Olson. They had no band to play them, so bandmates, friends, and other musicians were recruited to play on the songs. Each song has a different feel to it but most songs deal with reality in some way.

A Million Pardons is:
Nathan Olson, formerly in Straight Outta Junior High, currently in Thirst Things First and The Killigans. Wrote and arranged the songs on “Best Laid Plans,” and sang and played the guitar, bass, mandolin, harmonica, tambourine, and other noise making objects.

Matt Tatroe, formerly in Straight Outta Junior High, currently in Screaming For Silence and touring across the country. Hands down the best drummer in Omaha.

Kaitlyn Maria Fillipini, a violin virtuoso by day and computer programmer by day. Played with Michael Buble, Conor Oberst, Mannheim Steamrolller, and The Transiberian Orchestra. Stays constantly busy with her own recordings and a growing number of other musical projects. Played the Star Spangled Banner to a sold out crowd before the 2012 College World Series Championship game. Pretty much kicks ass at the violin.

Audrey Herren, currently plays cello in Danny Sabra and Friends. Has played live with Kansas and The Transiberian Orchestra, as well as played on numerous recording sessions with local and regional artists. Has no trouble playing the cello, or carrying it for that matter.

Aaron Carnes, played trumpet in the University of Nebraska marching band as well as many church and community concert bands. Has won countless beer brewing competitions. Invented a patented process of growing bacteria to produce vaccines. Plays trumpet whenever Nathan needs a trumpet part played on a project.

Ben Johnson, an Omaha music mainstay, has played in bands such as The Fonzarellies, Straight Outta Junior High, Miscasts, and the Beat Seekers. Currently sings and plays in Secret Weapon. Provided back up vocals and some fancy guitar effects on “Best Laid Plans.” Used to be able to do a backflip from a standing position.

Lacey Musick, graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a degree in music education. Sings like an angel and makes mothers cry with her golden voice. Takes her children to movies and keeps her husband fat and happy.

“Best Laid Plans” recorded at ARC Studios by A.J. Mogis. Mastered at Focus Mastering by Doug Van Sloan.

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