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Detroit MI United States

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An Auspicious Blending of Jazz/Blues/Rock



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Member since: 06/04/2013 Year Founded: 2012


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Michael Furrer

Washington Twsp

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Todd Hoenicke

St Clair Shores

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rob mcmahan

bloomfield hills

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Brian Smith

Farmington Hills



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  • Average Draw: 25
  • Largest crowd: 300
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Music is forged by the chemistry that exists between musicians. AMERICAanonymous is a mixture of five very unique souls. Each one brings a different vibe to the group although Blues, Jazz, Funk, and Rock has its roots in all of them. That mixture has created an auspicious blending of music, from soaring horn solos to blistering guitar riffs.

The band fires kindled in 2012 with Mike Furrer (vocals) and Todd Hoenicke (bass). They found a kindred spirit in Seth Bawcum (guitar) and after months of searching they discovered Rob Mcmahan (drums) and started writing. Right away the chemistry was evident. They hashed out songs quicker than any of them expected. While the foundation was being laid, Brian Smith (trumpet) entered the picture. His horn was the icing on the cake. All five members of the band have extensive musical experience, many different bands from many different places. They have mixed this all together and have refined it down to one simple brew… "AMERICAanonymous".

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