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Member since: 06/26/2011 Year Founded: 1997
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A&M Entertainment is an International talent representation, marketing and entertainment group founded in 1997. In the years of our existence we have established a unique and strong business network within the entertainment industry representing a diverse roster of event properties, consumer brands, Grammy Award winning artists and Multi-platinum selling producers and DJs.

We offer a wide range of entertainment, marketing and event platforms throughout the world for major national and International clients. As a well-established company we have access to major media channels all over the world and are especially active in USA, Europe and Asia.

Our goal is to maximize our clients growth potential by providing specialized marketing services to expand their brand. We introduce entertainment properties as part of the marketing mix, secure celebrity endorsement deals and manage large events. We provide our clients the opportunity to reduce their to-do list by enlisting us to handle our areas of expertise. Our mission is to give each client a unique experience through the entire project cycle. We work to maintain a corporate culture, which reflects our values of high ethical standards, reliability and professionalism.


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