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Member since: 07/08/2012 Year Founded: 1991
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Alpine Road Music Academy is a regional music education studio where students are given lessons primarily on piano/keyboard. Guitar, voice and brass instruments are available for instruction as well.

Students from New Castle, Rifle, Carbondale, Glenwood Springs and Silt are in the immediate area served. Currently, studios are utilized in New Castle and Glenwood Springs.

Lessons take place on a beautiful grand piano either in New Castle or at a church in Glenwood Springs.
Lesson materials/curriculum are provided, no extra charge. Discounts are provided for multiple students from same family.

We host 2 performance recitals throughout the year and are in discussions to pilot a piano ratings contest this coming year, where students will get feedback from other area educators on their prepared piece.

We work at the speed that is determined to be best suited to your student. It is our belief that if the student looks forward to lessons, they will stick with the instrument. A gentle push is asserted (challenge is good), but no tears over frustration or lack of understanding. Issues are worked through together with the teacher.

Strategies, such as parent-signed practice records, may be employed as an incentive to maintain a practice regimen, as practice is a key element in this venture. (Student must have access to a piano/keyboard.) Upper intermediate/advanced students may begin to focus on composition, sight-reading, scales/arpeggios and advanced theory as part of their study.

Our curriculum centers around gaining not only an understanding of the technique involved with the instrument, but also the theory associated with reading music. It is our assertion that these two elements can & do contribute to a student's tendency toward elevated results in other areas of study.

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