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Acoustic, Bluegrass, Folk rock, Emo


Denver CO United States

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Nick Foster




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I started playing guitar at age 12 because the folks wouldn't buy me a drum set. I didn't really like music at all until then. I'm self taught never had lessons. My dad taught me an A and a D chord. After years of messin around working and such i bought a drum set piece by piece over a span of a year,and listening to a lot of punk rock I got together with a few guys in high school we were 16 and started a band. We called ourselves "El Milagro" I played the bass and sang a few of my written songs while our guitarist had his songs that he sang.. Played shows and recorded an album at our guitarists house. After a while we broke up and I got into a more hardcore band also playing the bass we were called "Icantbleedbackwards" . meanwhile playing shows at parties and experimenting with every drug under the sun life became a blur, fun but extremely unhealthy. After a year we all went our separate ways. Music is one of the absolute biggest parts of my life. I relate everything I experience with songs. I write a lot of poetry some turn into songs. I have recorded so much music with numerous programs on a pc. Never a professional studio but it was fun and tedious I love it. Playing improve at open mic nights. I don't like cover songs but have realized sometimes it's nice to entertain the audience with an occasional cover.

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