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Glasgow KY United States

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I have always loved music and can't imagine my life without it. I played tuba in my school band but I also experi.ented playing the guitar and other instruments. When i was little i would lock myself in my room and play my keyboard for what seemed like a few minutes but was actually 2 or 3 hours but never thought of actually writing music. I didn't realize that composing was something I wanted to pursue until a band director got frustrated because people were intentionally adding notes and rhythms that weren't in their part and told them if you want to change the music write your own play it right that when it clicked so I tried it someone introduced me to a notation software which after trying it out not sure how it would go before I knew it I was creating real songs that didn't sound great but was way better than I thought and I was
actually feeling confident that I mighth be able to keep working until I got better I have came a long way and will never stop as long as I am not physically not able to or I die

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