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Christian, Gospel


Norcross GA United States

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Anita Baker

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Member since: 12/23/2016 Year Founded: 2001


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Aliciadine Oliphant


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  • Original material: 00 hrs : 15 min
  • Average Draw: 5,000
  • Largest crowd: 20,000
  • Have sound: No PA
  • Original Songs: 3
  • CDs released: 1
  • CDs sold: 10000


Aliciadine is a singer/songwriter who has been singing since she was 7 years old. She remembers singing in her bedroom many years ago, when her mother, who was in the kitchen at the time, asked her to turn the radio off. Imagine her surprise when she found out that the so-called radio, was actually Aliciadine singing in her bedroom.

Aliciadine has been blessed and honored to sing for churches, major concerrts, major sporting events when Bobby Cox had his 2000th win, radio and in both 2006 and 2008, asked to sing on the ellipse of the White House Lawn for the National Pageant of Peace, as sponsored by the National Parks and Services. She has been honored to sing on stages with major artists, Pastor Shirley Caesar, Canton Jones and John P Kee, just to name a few.

Aliciadine has been asked to sing on the Babbie Mason show, TBN, Bobby Jones and other major television shows. In 2012, Aliciadine signed a distribution contract with Amen Gospel and EMI/CMG. Her music can be found on where it has been listened to by over 130 countries. Her videos, 'Even Now', 'Child of the King' and 'FOCAL', have a total of three million views. She is working now on her debut album, which will be out early in 2017.

Aliciadine wishes to start a 501(c) 3 foundation, to be called 'Even Now Community Outreach Foundation Incorporated'. The foundation will seek to work with the homeless population, with women and children of violent crimes and youth empowerment

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