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Acoustic, Pop, Metal, Blues


Tucson AZ United States

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Easy Listening, R & B, Pop

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Member since: 04/19/2021 Year Founded: 2001


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Alex Lawrence




  • Original material: 06 hrs : 05 min
  • Cover material: 02 hrs : 20 min
  • CDs sold: 420
  • Licensed songs: 50
  • Original Songs: 55
  • CDs released: 8
  • Digital songs sold: 2


I started playing music at age 3, piano lessons,and at age 10 I took drum and guitar lessons. By the time I was about 15 I joined a few rock bands, some heavy metal with some friends of mine and we played at parties sometimes. I was a drummer. At age 35, after working for the
VA hospital for about 15 years I also started writing lyrics for 3 different publishing companies, Hit Citi Music, Magic Key Productions, and New World Publishing, who helped me create over 50 songs over the years, some of which I get airplay for through I still play keyboard, have a drum machine and play electric guitar to this day.

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