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5811 Westminster Blvd Westminster CA 92683 United States
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When it comes to succeeding in the music industry it is essential to have a quality recording to represent yourself. Adamos studio has been providing quality recording and artist development services for the last 20 years. Our client list ranges from local unsigned bands to artist such as the US Bombs, Dick Clark Rockin New years Eve, TSOL, and many, many more...

Adamos has 2 studios to ensure every project gets the right environment and time to produce the best possible product. Both studios are well to equipped work seamlessly with project moving between them.

Nothing but the best equipment
Adamos offers both Digital and 24 Track Analog recording experiences. With the option of going old school through our Studer 24 Track Analog machine, or going all digital through Logic Pro 9, Adamos ensures you get the best for what your project needs.

Regardless of the media you choose to record onto it is imperative that proper and quality microphones are used to capture your passion and vision in your recording. Adamos has a long list of professional microphones from vintage Neumann U-87's to the always reliable AKG 414 to a variety of other Dynamic, Cardoid, and Ribbon mics.

It's not always the case that the musicians have the best instruments to achieve the sounds they are going after. That's why we stock a variety of top of the line Amplifiers, Drums, Guitars, Bass Guitars, Keyboards and more... Our backline gear list contains (but not limited to) the following brands: Fender, Gibson, MusicMan, BadCat, Marshall, Ampeg, Vox, Genz Benz, Battlefied, Zildjian, Sabien, Yamaha, Korg, Epitaph, and more.. (equipment list subject to change without notice).