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1022 W. Catalpa Ave Suite 502 Chicago IL 60640 United States
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Member since: 04/14/2013 Year Founded: 2013
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Actuate Promotions LLC was formed in early 2013 with two goals in mind: to enhance the global notoriety of our clients, and to dramatically accelerate their ability to generate revenue.

Currently our team is made up of Owner, David Wells, who has over a decade’s worth of experience in media at the management level.His experience extends to various mediums: print, radio and television. He was also the Marketing Director and Talent Buyer for the world's largest Reggae Music Venue. In the years since ownership sold the venue, David has worked as Publicist and Talent Booker for some of today’s top indie-reggae bands in the world.

Ms. Julie Collins is a key member of this company; she is Creative Director, Principle and Talent Booking Agent. She joined Actuate Promotions with years of experience as Owner of ROSE MOUNTAIN PHOTO. Her photographs have appeared in publications, album covers, and band merchandise all over the world. Being that Actuate Promotions LLC is an artist-driven company; Julie serves as the perfect advocate for our clients; because as an artist herself, she has the sensitivity to translate their artistic vision into powerful visual imagery. The imagery she produces is of such high-caliber, it makes branding that much easier.

From our initial discussions, Julie and I chose to sign only a select number of solo-artists or bands, because the services we provide are numerous and infeasible at this early stage in our company’s evolution to deliver on a mass scale to clients. Actuate Promotions LLC is growing organically: our knowledge, PASSION, and hard work yield results for our clients, and the referrals from that is all the advertising we’re currently seeking. We only take on clients we are firmly convinced have the talent, drive and discipline necessary to be successful.

Our firm offers four primary services to our clients:

1) Talent Booking: Proprietary software and countless contacts are a few reasons why we are flourishing in this job function, and consistently delivering our clients larger venues to play and substantially more revenue than before joining our team..

2) Concert Promotion: Specializing in the Chicago market initially, with plans to expand in 2014, we have been promoting concerts for over seven years. In that time, an impressive rolodex of shot-callers has been cultivated at countless radio stations, television stations and publications around the city. Knowing how to sell a Programming Director/Editor/Segment Producer an appearance by your client involves the skill of understanding what it is about the client that will make him/her interesting to the decision-maker. After fourteen years in sales and sales management, I am highly skilled at pitching and closing media appearances based on the skills I learned in my previous career, and confident we’ll have no problem scheduling press appearances for your client.

3) Branding Services: Every artist/band on our roster is there because we believe they possess a quality of music that many, many, people “want.” However, both band and the public have been underserved when it comes to connecting them, and formulating a mutually beneficial relationship. Bringing the music and a vast receptive audience together is our job and we achieve this in several ways but under on strategy. We believe in street teams, promo material giveaways on college campuses, maximum exposure on traditional media and an ultra-aggressive attack utilizing all forms of social media are required. There is a strategy to maximizing results using these techniques in concert with each other that I have developed over the past seven years. It made seem common sense to use these forms of media, but how to do it correctly is not.

4) Public Relations: We will shape an ideal concept of your client, produce material which portrays him/her in accordance with this image which will serve to enhance the reception by the public-at-large. If your client has a pre-exist publicity-challenge, we will overcome it strategy, implementation, and then after thirty research, study and interpret the analytics on the campaign’s performance.

We look forward to working with you.


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