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Ajee Warren




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I rap about something I did or seen or trying to do. I also make music for females, trappers, robbers and just something I was going through. Grew up in my grandma and grandpa house hold. Moms was there bout it was a price just to go see her it was crucial. Father was a veteran crack head in which he was taking from us when we was young so we couldn't upgrade our swag, shoe game, etc...
So it was hard growing up which led me to the street life and main thing was I was good at it. Fast money was addictive to me and everyday I wanted more weather it was robbed or trap however I could get it. I have three brothers the oldest one went to NC when we was young and would return every so often. My other brothers we grow up together and they are also on this track. Second versus is Wan and third is Znade. Were all committed sir. I have been in and out of jail for the street life. 18 months for a robbery 1st was my first offense came home 8 months later back again for 9 months for violation of probation which I have recently come home from. I came home I found out my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer in his kidney hurt me deeply bout also gave me extra motivation before he dies by letting him see me succeed in life. I am the black sheep of the family and he would be very happy of me. Currently have a family of my own of 3 kids 2 beautiful daughters and 1 handsome boy. He bad too. A motivational fiancee who held me all the way down jail time and at life.

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