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Alternative, Rock, Progressive Rock, Indie Acid rock, Garage rock, Jam bands, Hard Rock More...


Lawnside NJ United States

Sounds Like

Post Grunge/Hard Rock



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Member since: 11/04/2013 Year Founded: 2013


Mail alt 16x12 Christopher Robinson
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Christopher Robinson


Rhythm Guitar 267.750.8450
Mail alt 16x12 Brian Ingalls
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Brian Ingalls


Lead Guitar 609.352.1851


  • Original material: 01 hrs : 00 min
  • Cover material: 00 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 1
  • CDs sold: 50
  • Digital songs sold: 10
  • Original Songs: 10
  • Average Draw: 30
  • Largest crowd: 60
  • Have sound: Full PA
  • Licensed songs: 5


LURK is an independent progressive rock band from Lawnside, NJ. Telling a story through their music that gives the brain something to imagine and also being able to relate while listening.

With releasing their Debut EP "Man Among the Stars" the story has begun. Prepare yourself for a new edge of music and style of writing. Vocalist - Steven Howie, Bassist - Bill Bonhage, Drummer - Mike Quattrochi, and Guitarists - Brian Ingalls and Chris Robinson all have different influences with music, but getting together they all connect and vibe really well. LURK is about putting all their energy, emotions, and passion on that stage when performing.

Starting out in February 2013, LURK was just a project band with no intensions of playing shows, creating a EP or living the experiences they have lived. Going through a lot of changes and members, LURK found the direction they wanted, and have been moving forward ever since. Late in 2014, a whole new beginning started when they added Steven Howie as their new vocalist. Creating a story that is relatable, but also beyond the imagination. After playing their re-invention show at 12/12/14 "LURK The Halls" They started building a solid fan base and knew people wanted to keep hearing more.

LURK is more than just a local band from New Jersey, they have dedicated their lives to their music, this band is there to save lives and you could even say it helped all the members get through some hard times. LURK is getting people out to celebrate their own lives and embrace the moments we live. #LURKon #LURKhard #stillLURKing #LURK

Batbox Music

December 15, 2014
LaQuitia MoMo Denson!lurk/c1fej

LURK clearly has a passion for music, furthermore, for those that support it. As they hit an approaching milestone with their EP release, it is sure that more changes will come along with it. Shady Katie’s and Sidecar bookings have given countless musically inclined musicians a homey, encouraging environment. Personally, it is fantastic to see them thriving and wait in anticipation for their coming EP “Man Among the Stars."

Batbox Music

December 15, 2014
LaQuitia MoMo Denson!lurk/c1fej

They are not the garage band that you may think hearing the word “local”. Howe’s voice as well as his stage behavior give a certain depth to the songs he sings. He gives them character with a kind of force behind the words, not harsh, deep or brash. Robison and Ingalls, both play guitar, however Robison proves warm rolled rhythm, even strumming the high chords while Ingalls provides the leads, strong and crisp. One did not overpower the other, but they were distinct. During their performance, the sound was particularly clean, nothing muddy, or lagging. Not to mention that they (plus Jakki Roberts) actually went out of their way to sing Happy Birthday to yours truly.

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