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Location Santa Monica, CA


Member since: 06/26/2011
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Kathleen Wirt




Three short city blocks from the Pacific Ocean and one block off of Santa Monica's world-famous Promenade, there is a special little place where folks have been making music for over thirty years.

In it’s first incarnation, this place was a recording studio called Sound Solutions, with clients that included Little Richard, Stanley Clarke, George Clinton, and the Beach Boys, who recorded "Kokomo" here. Designed by the same team that built A&M Studios, the studio features a wavy ceiling in the tracking room and walls soundproofed with sand hauled up from the beach.

In 1989, Kathleen and her partner bought the studio and renamed it 4th Street Recording. Nineteen years later, you will hear people say that they love 4th Street for many reasons—its sound design, its location, its people—but the most frequent compliment is, "I feel really good here."

Since 1995, nineteen acts have been signed to record deals with a demo recorded at 4th Street, starting with Fiona Apple’s "Shadowboxer," a recording that was released as the first single on her Grammy-nominated album "Tidal". Next came Incubus, Alien Ant Farm, and Hoobastank, all to become platinum-selling artists.

4th Street Recording feels like a cozy home in a friendly little beach town, but offers all the big city benefits of Santa Monica's Bayside District, an extended pedestrian area complete with shops, theaters, and street musicians. Clients can order from dozens of restaurants and choose from a wide range of accommodations, from motels to hotels to monthly corporate rentals in local bungalows.

Simply put, 4th Street Recording is a good place to stay for a long time. And, as the staff will advise, "If you don’t take a walk down to the ocean at sunset, you’re not using the full facility."