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Member since: 10/01/2012 Year Founded: 2011
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Michael Shoup




12South Music creates impact for artists by artists.

The employee team, composed of songwriters and musicians, change hats to become visual designers, web developers, and project managers. Each service provided by 12South Music is individually customized for each client using a three tier approach. Selecting an appropriate PLATFORM,social media campaigns, website creation, online marketing; CONTENT creation and distribution: audio, video, photo, and text copy; and customizing a STRATEGY to reach a targeted market with the most potential. The execution of these three steps yield the desired IMPACT that clients desire

"Shoup is the 'Money Ball' of the Music Industry"
- Vince Romanelli, Founder Bucket Boys, LLC,
International Bucket Drummer

Michael Shoup is the perfect role model for the burgeoning independent music industry. Balancing time as Founder of a successful Creative Development and Artist Consultation firm [12South Music] and a nationally touring Recording Artist, Michael pulls from both the creative and business sides of the industry. He has toured from SXSW to CMJ, with the Stone Temple Pilots to Stephen Schwartz, and worked for acts from Lady Antebellum to Brad Paisley and Taylor Swift.

Pioneering independent promotion with 12South Music, Michael developed a system of content development and analytical research called "Passive Promotion" that has aided rookie and veteran artists alike in exponentially increasing their fans and online traffic.

Hailing from Nashville, TN, Michael embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of today's new music industry.


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1:30 PM to 5:00 PM
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