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R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, Soca Southern rock, yes More...


Medford MA United States

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102 South Entertainment

Digital Location

http://www.102SouthEntertainment.com musicpage.com/102south


Member since: 07/24/2014 Year Founded: 2007


Mail alt 16x12 Claudel Chevry
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Claudel Chevry


Songwriter/Rapper 781.866.3188


  • Original material: 23 hrs : 45 min
  • Cover material: 17 hrs : 45 min
  • CDs released: 1
  • CDs sold: 200
  • Digital songs sold: 25
  • Original Songs: 200
  • Average Draw: 4
  • Largest crowd: 5
  • Have sound: No PA
  • Licensed songs: 25


Welcome to 102 South Entertainment's official Musicpage! The sound and apparel label equipped with vast numbers of talented individuals ready to showcase their gifts! 102 South is a very diverse, up coming New England entertainment label led by "Cdel Best" and "Mr Sosa,"which compose of musicians who use their passion and dedication to entertain in a whole new way!

The name "102 South" comes from a room in college that was a place of no judgement and the welcoming of diversity. Like commonly seen in high school, during College years for "Mr Sosa" and "Cdel Best," there was segregation between young adults in terms of: nationalities, social class, religion, gender, and sexual preference. In Room 102 South, such separation didn't exist. People were together to just have mutual enjoyment with one another. All was welcome, and accepted as they are.

Today, Sosa and Cdel continue to keep 102 South alive by entertaining and utilizing diversity within their music, in addition to showing nationality, social status, gender, or sex preference aren't the judgment of someone's character. 102 South is now an established brand that represents what that room stood for. No judgment. Enjoying myself with those different than me, and as i am.

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